Onstage Talents

Mayiduo 马一朵

Oversees Double Up’s business development and content creation.
Entrepreneur with sharp business acumen.
Also, our Ah Beng who wears the Salawalaski Casio qiu bio and Given-chy T-shirt.

TikTok – @mayiduosg
IG – @mayiduosg
FB – @mayiduosg

Charlene 黄湘淋

Oversees Double Up’s business operations and social media branding. Emcee and Mandarin Speech & Drama trainer. Our Aunty, Ah Lian, and whoever she wants to be. Also, a cast in “Ah Girls Go Army I & II”.

TikTok – @aizaiaisteady / @sohighsis
IG – @aizaiaisteady
FB – @aizaiaisteady


Professional actress in Double Up. Our talented girl-next-door, who can sing, dance and write songs.

TikTok – @evonlotion@sohighsis
IG – @evonlotion
FB – @evonlotionjh

Norvin Q毛骏勇

Born to be a comedian. Double Up’s steal-panties-faced guy. Also, a talented and award-winning magician.

TikTok – @qmaojunyong
IG – @qmaojunyong
FB – @qmaojunyong

Eric 林明德

Well-known online personality, who can host, act and create content. Well sought-after by many established brands.

TikTok – @thatericboy
IG – @thatericboy
FB – @shopthatericboy

Royal Pek

Double Up’s 阳光老板。Sunshine boy who radiates the best smile. Also a young entrepreneur who owns an F&B business, a.k.a. Xian Dan Chao Ren.

TikTok – @royalpek
IG – @royalpek