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办公室大搞男女关系! | Office Romance Too Complicated!

现今社会好复杂! | Society So Messed Up!

Uncle司机被骚扰! | Uncle driver kena harass!

七月从地府放出来的朋友 | 7th month ghost festival friends from hell

Ah Beng 讨债公司 | Ah Beng Debt Collection Services

Ah Beng的生活 | Ah Beng’s daily life

做男人好难! | Being a man is so difficult!

男人之间的战争! | It’s Not Over, Until It’s Over

卖车竟有如此遭遇! | Sell car also kena this kind of thing!

Ah Lian 理发师给你最爽的特别服务 | Ah Lian Hairdresser Gives Best Special Service in SG

新加坡新闻之屎城有约 | The Shit News Episode 1

老婆 VS 老妈 林北很烦啊 | Mother VS Wife Lim Pei Headache Ah

Thai Us Together - Tai Seng 工业区泰国美食

Elora’s Reborn V Exfoliating Mask

SpectrumWerks (Spray Paint Car Advertisement)

FENVERLEN (Fashion Apparels Advertisement)

Luxurious Design (Interior Design Showcase)

Custom Bites - 饼干装饰作坊

2021最火必听新年歌 |大吉拜大年 Official Music Video

SoHighSis [可以可以 Yes, I Can] Official Music Video

馬一朵 Mayiduo [小小的手掌 Little Palm] Official Music Video

马一朵 Mayiduo [想告诉你] Official Music Video