Our Services

We specialised in creating comedy skits that can easily capture audience’s attention and, in turn, generate high viewership and shareability. Our videos are also filmed in portrait style to make it mobile-friendly. We had since helped many clients increased their online brand awareness via our comedy videos.

Content Creation

The core of our business and where we started. We specialised in creating social media content with high viewership and shareability. We create content across various mainstream social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Professional Production

Our professional arm, DUTV production, is equipped with skills and gears to produce up to 4K HD quality videos. This solution caters to clients who are looking to further expand their marketing campaign with professionally-produced and curated advertisements.


At DU, we regularly identify and recruit artistes, who are multi-talented with potential to be the next big names in the local social media scene. Our artistes provide talent services from singing, performing magic, hosting to live-streaming for various events and platforms.

Screenplay Consultancy

As a content creation specialist, script-writing is also our forte. We are therefore able to produce scripts based on clients’ marketing needs. We have produced scripts and storyboards for projects, such as comedy skits and advertorials.